and short {polaroid} Cracow story-September 2010 will post some more tomorrow____…. maybe ;)

bored hansome Bob [massife yaaaaaaaawn]


maybe it’s time to update few things, {laziness’s my diseazzzze} so there you go… Lulki’s Wedding


rings exchange___…

and the rest___…

and live happy ever after *_-


ok! let’s move on… the very last portugalische geschichten… and that’s it! im going to lay down now & read new elle mag (just received ;) or watch a movie or eat my delicious soup … my ass aches from still-sitting…


oh… seems like i used my limit on flickr___ well i got some more portugalische memories..

yeeeah he was bored and I wanted to see more and more and even moremore

so we found a wee bar

and got some tequila shots *_-

older lady told us to skip the tiny alley we wanted to walk into… said “no no”

oh we skipped very quick O_o (im not sure if I would been able to take any more pictures if we didn’t)

sitting here and playing with all those magic plug-ins… Portugalische postkarten…

street art

and more street art

think that’s one of my fav things to do… shoots like that ;)

snapshots from Edinburgh ;D bonkerz!!!! love them to bits! – Bierny&Halix&Whusta*Fish

polaroid conversion and full version

Whusta’s smelly fingers 😉

Hala’s coffee